Paula Deen Live!
June 27, 2014

imageExciting news! Seth and the Moody Melix was contracted to be apart of the Paula Deen Live Tour, which kicked off June 21-22 in Pigeon Forge, TN.

As we headed to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee we were welcomed by an outpouring of fans for Paula and were so excited to be apart of the live show. As we were introduced to Paula the stardom faded around her and we were met by a genuine Southern gal. She was so welcoming and literally made us feel apart of her “cooking family”.

We began the night by playing a 30-min set of music to get the sold out crowd warmed up and excited to see Paula. Then Seth was given the distinct pleasure of introducing Paula and her husband Michael to the stage. The crowd exploded with applause and the show began with lots of quick wit from Paula and a few jokes on Seth’s behalf. The chemistry between Paula and Seth was a perfect match and the energy of the event was incredible. The shows were an absolute success!

You can learn more about the tour here.

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